T.G., Essex, 2019

“I wanted to thank you for your beautiful stained glass panel…it looks perfect in its new home. My wife and I are delighted with your talent.”

J.M., Dublin, 2019

“The reactions to the windows so far have been great - joy, wonder, amazement. It’s such a stunning piece of art.”

J.H., London, 2019

“You’ve excelled, yet again. Quite exquisite. I was expecting something that we’d  communicated on and got something better than what I envisaged. Thank you so much.”

D.H., Edinburgh, 2018

“It is amazing!! We totally love it and can not wait to find a special place for it in our home. Thankyou so much for all the careful details in it, the beautiful colours and patterns, as well as the extreme careful packaging to make sure it arrived safely! We feel so lucky to have such a precious thing which we will treasure forever and will always remind us of our Wedding day. “

J.A., Kent, 2018

“Every time I go past the door I am surprised that this is really my front door in my house. The design works perfectly and is a pleasure to look at - from a distance and up close where you can see the work that has gone into it.”

N & S, Dorset, 2018

"Thank you so much for the wonderful window.  We appreciate all your work and skill that went into it.  We are so delighted and thrilled by our beautiful window."

A.F., London, 2018

"I can't tell you how amazing they look.  They completely transform the house, there's suddenly so much warmth and character in the hall!  I love them so much!"

J & E, Dorset,, 2018

"Needless to say we are absolutely thrilled with the glass, and very proud to have the nicest front door in Dorchester.  Thank you so much  for all of your time and guidance, and ultimately epic skills!"

H.H.S., Liverpool, 2017

"We are overjoyed with the window!  Thank you again for all your hard work.  We will recommend you to everyone who has the pleasure of seeing our window."

T.W., Cambridge, 2017

"Many thanks for some beautiful pieces of glass - they really are magnificent and more than I ever thought possible when I first thought to do it.  I have had many lovely comments about them."

N.D., West Sussex, 2017

"I couldn't love it more.  I adore your interpretation, love love love it. The object I would grab if there was a fire! Thank you from our hearts."

P.W., Berdoulat Interior Design, Bath, 2016

"I absolutely love what you have done thus far. They look so right in the house.  Amazing. Thank you."